“Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly…”

“… But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading.” – Kazuo Ishiguro

I love when the quote of the day on GoodReads makes such sense in my life. Happens more often than one would expect but nevertheless, I love that.

Hey readers, all none of you. Sorry for my extended absence. Excuses not necessary but I was on vacation with Danny for a week. A whole week of sleep and relaxation and getting as far away from modern technologies as is feasible. That being said, I did have my laptop and I did use it and I had ooboogles (technical term there) of free time. But I allocated that time to puzzle doing, failing and making an old family recipe of french toast and watching the ever epic Steve Wilkos show.

At any rate, now I’m back to my monotonous same old same routine and I can drop in every once in a blue moon to catch you up on the happenings in my life. So here’s the scoop. I have my concerns about my relationship because things are changing and I don’t like change. I’m probably worrying like a typical stupid girl… I detest my job. It’s driving me up a wall that I’m so useless and I have to endure it for another year or so. My family is ridiculous but I miss them so. I have no friends. And still, I cannot get this smile off my face. Why? Danny. He is seriously the sunshine in my life and I wouldn’t know what to do without him. Even with my concerns on our evolving relationship, I cannot get enough.

And that pretty much sums it up. Pretty uneventful but I kept it concise for a reason – if there are readers here, surely you don’t want to be bored to tears by my ramblings that are no different than any other person’s life’s ramblings. So I wanted to take this time to switch over to the actual reason I started this blog: Books.

I have recently rekindled my love and affection for reading. Sad to say this, but it’s pretty much taken the backseat to everything else in my life. And then something magical happened. While watching football for the sixth hour in a row this last Sunday – me bored to near insanity, Danny happy as a clam – I picked up my Kindle and just started reading. And it was amazing. I could still be there with my man, catching bits of the game occasionally (I do have a Fantasy team, too, ya know) and conversing when necessary – but let’s face it, he’s watching football so conversing about anything isn’t at the top of his priorities either. Then I discovered the new feature on Amazon. The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. It’s this great thing where the owner of a Kindle (moi), can borrow an eBook once a month from a selected list of over 1000 eBooks. It requires having an Amazon Prime membership ($79 a year) but there’s a one month trial period. So I signed up for that and within moments had Karl Marlantes’ Matterhorn in my hands. It’s been on my To-Be-Read (henceforth known as TBR) shelf for months now. I even bought the Audiobook. But I hate Audiobooks as it turned out so there’s $20.99 gone to waste… Well, it’s been a couple days, I’m nowhere near finished but I’m in love all over again. It’s definitely developing into one of those books I’ll carry with me long after I’ve finished reading it.

Staying on the subject of books, I have finished reading two books now. I mentioned having finished Selene of Alexandria (Faith L. Justice) in my last post. And since then, I purchased and read Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater within the span of about two days. There is something about Young Adult novels that I just swallow. I dunno if it’s because it’s targeted to younger audiences and therefore an easier read? Or the books are just that good? Or maybe I set my expectations low given that I used to avoid the genre at all costs? Regardless, I swallowed it. And I loved it. A friend of mine has a wolf obsession. She reads anything related to wolves/werewolves that she can get her hands on. I sorta understand it now because Stiefvater’s werewolves are awesome. I’ll have to stop rambling and save it for the review.

Speaking of reviews, I don’t think I’ll review every book that I read. Given my newly found again love of reading, I’ll be reading at a rather rapid pace. And since my history with writing in this thing is abysmal, I won’t be able to keep up. So I’d like to instill a weekly review. One day where I review something or a couple things depending on necessity to get the word out there. Since review ends in “w” and I have the least amount of things going on on Wednesdays, I hereby announce the beginning of Review it on Wednesday. So there you have it. Yes, my first Review it on Wednesday will be today. Bet you’re sitting on the edge of your seats when anticipation for that one.

Also starting next week is this thing called Top Ten Tuesdays. It’s run by “The Broke and the Bookish”, a phenomenal blog I  just started following (link in the column on the right under “Blogs I Follow”). Anyway, every Tuesday, they post a topic for the top ten (such as Top Ten Childhood Favorites) and the followers list their top tens based on the topic. I think it’s a great idea and it’ll force me to get on here at post every Tuesday.

So, I’ve got two days of five (the weekends are devoted to Danny, sorry readers) covered. Either I’ll come up with themes for the other days or just wing it and say to hell with it. Well that’s it for that. See you all on my next update which will hopefully take place sometime within the next month or so!


I’m terrible at this; I knew I would be.

Woopdee-freaking-do. I’m here, making another post. Been long enough, eh? Well I’m sorta patting myself on the back, actually. I came back! I’m actually posting again. Sure, my frequency is abysmal at it’s best description, but who cares? First of all, I doubt there are many (if any) people reading this at this point. Secondly… well, my defense stands on my first point. Regardless, I’m back. For today. I make no promises for tomorrow.

So now. I don’t have enough time to write a review. I finished Selene of Alexandria by Faith L. Justice recently. I have much to say about this “piece of work” and since I’ve got to be getting ready for work in about 10 minutes or so, that’s just not enough time to explain. So I’ll tell you lovely (non-existent) readers about what’s happened in my life over the last week or so.

The weekend before last, Danny and I had so much fun. As we always do, of course, but this was kinda nuts. On Thursday night, he was going to come down to Charlottesville to hang out with me. Five minutes after letting me know he was leaving my house, he called me to let me know he wasn’t coming. Disappointment, much? Then he told me why.

My boyfriend hit a bear going 65 mph. Dead bear. Smashed front end of his beautiful car.

Holy shitballs! I mean, bear accidents happen pretty commonly, especially around now with hunting season getting going and the bears about to hunker down for their winter “nap”. But how wild is that?! If he had left his house 3 seconds later. Or driven the speed limit. Or any number of other possibilities, that would have never happened. But it did.

So naturally, I got in my car and drove to him. I probably pissed off everybody imaginable on Route 29 that night because I had my high-beams on and bear-scouting. As if one wasn’t enough for the evening, I was convinced it was gonna happen again. Found him, saw the damage to his car which I love so much and off to his house we went for the evening. I took Friday off of work because he had a million things to do and with no car, I was his trusty girlfriend,there to help wherever he needed me. Sarcasm there, though unintentional.

Okay, so I realize I listed this weekend as fun, but if you read on I promise you it really does get fun.

Friday. We ran errands all day. He had to go to work for a few hours. Then we went to visit his parents. Then went shopping to pick up The Devil’s Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses. We also found these great little shoes (for me, of course) for this wedding we were to attend. And drove to Charlottesville to pick up my clothes and such. Somewhat exhausting running all over central Virginia, but spending time with Danny is everything to me so I didn’t care. Friday night we began our Rob Zombie horror movie mini-thon.

Saturday morning was the beginning of the fun. We got up super early to get ready, get dress and drive to this little town called Doswell, Virginia. KING’S DOMINION! If you know anything about me (just a saying, I realize you don’t know me), you know that I love roller coasters. My family has visited Cedar Point every year without fail since before I was born. I’ve learned all important life lessons in theme parks and also learned the importance of sunscreen, especially if it’s overcast. Those are both stories for another time and since I should have started getting ready a few minutes ago, I don’t have time for this digression damnit! But I digress…

So, King’s Dominion was recently purchased by Cedar Fair, the very same owners of Cedar Point. KD has sucked up until this point. It’s coasters old and rickety and painful. Not much going on, not too many thrills as compared, etc. Fortunately, Cedar Fair has done rather well. So KD now has two pretty fabulous new coasters called the Dominator and the Intimidator 305. The Dominator is one of those coasters where your feet dangle below you, but the car is on top of the track. I think they call it a floorless coaster. At any rate, it’s my new favorite there. We only rode that one once because Danny is obsessed with Intimidator so I sacrificed.

The Intimidator is similar to Millennium Force in Cedar Point, my favorite ever. My only issues with it are that I come scarily close to passing out when coming out of the first turn after the drop and there are these wicked mean turns where you’re turning in one direction and then wha-bam! Switch to the other direction. Downright painful on the thighs and head. But it’s still fun. And crazy! It gets up to it’s top height in seconds because the cable lift just pulls so fast. You’re already going down that first hill before you realize you’ve reached 305 feet in the air. There’s no time to enjoy the view.

Other than those two, we rode just about everything. The Volcano which is also a cool ride that was there before the merger had a line of probably over two hours the whole time we were there. So we missed out on that one unfortunately. But we had so much fun. Danny’s a blast to ride rides with because he goes nuts intentionally. He’ll start screaming louder than anybody at a higher pitch than anybody (little girls included) just for the hell of it. He knows where the cameras are so he makes ridiculous faces. And he’s like my brother – he just wants to ride rides and ride more rides and then more. I felt kinda bad because I’m not used to being so beaten up by the rides so I got a major headache in the middle of the day. So we took time out of our day to walk all the way to the First Aid station so I could get some Tylenol. Took a major chunk out of our ride time. Danny’s a trooper though. He didn’t show that he cared.

My favorite part of the day? The log flume ride that we rode. For the life of me, I cannot remember what it’s called but it was cool. I think I liked that so much because it was just he and I in this little boat, coasting around the ride and having a good time. We talked, me made out, we joked about having sex on the ride. And then we got wet. Of course, a water ride. You get wet. But it was great. And totally unexpected. We’re talking about little things, then go down this hill, he screams like a girl, I giggle like a girl and we’re sopping wet by the end. There are these little water guns where spectators can put in a quarter and shoot the riders as they come around these turns. We must have got hit a couple times because the ride on its own doesn’t get you that wet.

We left the park around 7pm right when they were getting started with the Halloween Haunt. It’s this scare-fest they run around Halloween. I would have like to have stayed but we decided to go hang out with Mike and Jessie and whoever else may have been there. Those two are Danny’s closest friends without being family and we hardly ever hang out with them. My fault, blah blah blah.

So we headed over there. Got drunk, watched the VT game and the NASCAR race, bullshitted and laughed. Danny got really drunk. His friend Matt was there as well and the three of them got into a huge fight. Why? Custody of Danny. Mike and Matt say I’ve stolen him from them. Not entirely untrue but the fight was ridiculous. At the end of the night, Mike and I smoothed it over and we agreed that he and Danny need to hang out more. I like Mike. He’s nuts. He gets even more insane when he drinks but he’s hilarious. He starts calling me “Lady” and gets to be real sarcastic. I think he’s amusing, really. Him and Danny are like two peas in a pod. I have no problems with the two of them hanging out because when it comes down to it, they’ve been together for years and years and years. I was in third grade when they met and became instant best friends. So yeah. It was a good night. By two in the morning, everybody was ready to head out. I was sober enough to drive back so I drove Mike home and then Danny and I headed off to his house. Something else happened that night that sorta changed our relationship but I have to leave for work in a half hour and I still look like some monster so that story will be saved for another post. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be back again today? -laughs- I’m kidding myself to actually believe such a thing.