Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.

Quote above by Meister Eckhart.

So, I am incredibly new to this regular blogging thing. It’s probably a little too early to be this pessimistic, but in knowing myself, I know that I may have a hard time keeping up with this. I’m rotten terrible at letting things like this go. I have piles of diaries that are half full, if that. I’ve started several blogs before to give it a whirl. I couldn’t tell you the names of them, nor where they are, nor what they’re even about. But, as Meister Eckhart so eloquently put it (why is it that old men from 13th century Germany are considered eloquent? Is it just me or does that sound like an over-extended oxymoron?), my intentions are to “be willing to be a beginner”, if not every single morning.

I suppose I’ll lay out my goals. I’m a to-do list sort of person so this could help keep me here – checking things off a proverbial to-do list.

I love to read. It’s always been my favorite pastime, ever since I can remember. More than reading, I love sharing my own thoughts on what I read. Must be human nature to want everybody that has a pair of ears to hear what we have to think on any number of subjects. But I digress… So my goal here is to provide the aforementioned thoughts on the books that I read throughout the course of however long I can keep this thing up.

The problem I am faced with is this – I have hardly any time to read anymore. I’m learning to balance a job that I actually enjoy, a boyfriend whom I love to the ends of the earth, a cooking skill that greatly needs work and a need to sleep at some point. Try to toss in hours of reading that I’m used to and you end up with a regular 23-year-old girl cramming 30 hours of to-do and stuff into a 24-hour period when she really has no interest in reliving those more-stressful days of her undergraduate career. *sigh*

But I’ll find a way. I need to. Reading has been such a huge part of my life up until now that it’s become necessity. I think I’ve become somewhat unbalanced personally since I haven’t been able to read lately. Indirect goal #2: Read more.

(Goal #1 may inflict on Goal #2, but we won’t go too far into that. Just think about it. Kinda cooky when you consider that writing about what I think takes away from time I have to read which inadvertently leads me to share my thoughts less, therefore leading to another of my floating blogs out there on the interwebs collecting nothing but cyber-cobwebs. *sigh* Onto more optimistic thoughts where there is enough time for everything and everything is perfect!)

My third goal (for those who haven’t been keeping track… 1. Share my thoughts on that which I read. 2. Read more.) is as follows: Write. Write about me. Write about the weather. Write about what pissed me off at work. Write about the insanely adorable thing my boyfriend did that made me fall in love with him all over again. I’ve always dreamed of being a writer but it’s impossible to become a writer if one writes nothing. Take it from me, the non-writing not-writer.

I suppose this could last for quite some time, given the interconnectedness of these three goals (I’m not recapping them anymore; if you forgot go read the first portion of this post on your own time ;)). Afterall, reading will inspire me to share my thoughts, therefore writing. Sharing my thoughts is writing and requires basis in the books I read. Writing is not dependent on the other two but will be made more frequent by them, for sure. Yep, I like it. The goals make sense for a blog and they connect in some whack-a-doodle way.


So then, let’s get to it.

Since this page is still brand-spanking new and I still haven’t had the time to read as I’d planned tonight, I don’t have a full on review to post. So I’ll use this time and space to provide the list of what I am reading now and will review later.

Selene of Alexandria

by Faith L. Justice
346 pgs.
(I’m reading the Kindle edition)

Not much on my currently reading list but it’ll have to suffice for now as I need all of my reading time to focus on one set of characters, one plot, one setting, etc. Speaking of which, I’ll have to devote another post to my tastes and interests in literature. For now I’m just too sleepy and would actually like to get a few percent into the completion of this book. Until next time.

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